Weight loss projection at 1200 cal/day with light exercise.

using this blog again.

i’m looking for a fitblr buddy just to help me stay on track. stats are 5’4” 143 lbs. my goal is about 113-118 lbs.

i’m mostly focusing on eating better and doing aerobic and bodyweight exercises.

message me if you wanna talk. :)


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updating goals

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Elliptical. Avg hr 145.
Avg hr 150. I also did an upper body workout this morning.

Apparently, the uneven path that I ran on yesterday gave me shin splints. I’m icing my legs and sticking to the elliptical for the next couple weeks.

Elliptical. Avg hr 163. Max 170.

I’ve now started pausing the hrm during warm up and cool down so I think it’s more accurate now.
Did some run/walk intervals. Avg hr 162.
i can really feel the afterburn.
Today’s workout. Avg hr 145.